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CUT! Target Groups

The project is addressed to:

11 to 14 years-old students
Psychological support staff

CUT! Outputs


Video Series

A set of videos targeting students and parents to deal with the topic of alcohol use and abuse.


Practical Guidelines

A step-by-step guide to support teachers and psychological support staff working in schools in setting up and conducting educational activities targeting pre-adolescents on alcohol use and abuse.


Policy Recommendations

A report highlighting lessons learned and policy recommendations to raise the awareness of key policy and decision makers on addressing properly the issue of alcohol use and abuse among pre-adolescents.

The CUT! project is funded, by the European Commission through the Polish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme

CUT Partnership

Latest News


Video for pupils

AIDD, as the scientific expert of the CUT Project, is now reviewing the material of the different focus groups carried out with children.
The final result will be 3 videos pills related to 3 specific topics related to the issue of alcool abuse among young students.


Focus Groups with Students

Project partners are now carrying out several Focus Groups with the students of the involved schools to collect information on situations that include alcohol abuse at school. The results of the Focus Groups will be used to record 3 videos targeting students.


Kick-off Meeting

The Kick-off meeting was held from 31 January - to 1 February 2022. Jessica Colombo and Andrea Anzanello presented the project and the activities to be carried out. The meeting was also an opportunity for the partners to know each other and discuss all details related to the next project's activities. At the end of the meeting, all the partners had a clear view of the future project's implementation and the next activity which is the organisation of the Focus Groups for pre-adolescents and the related videos.