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Video-pills with students

This video tells the story of Luna, a teenager struggling with the trap of alcohol and her possible relapse. Luna will have to face the struggles of growing up and her first experiments: falling in love, relationships, disappointments and the difficulty of managing her emotional world. On her path she will meet some people who will be of help to her.

The video will lead us to reflect on two possible endings to our story.

Luna tells her story and her childhood, characterised by loneliness and an emptiness that she tries to fill with alcohol. This will lead her first to an alcoholic coma and then to a desire for rebirth, through a helping relationship, openness to friends and the experience of volunteering.

In this testimony, the alcoholic debut starts in the sixth grade as a game among friends at home, and then leads to the need for freedom and fun and belonging to the group of friends. The fear and worry seen in the eyes of the parents in the hospital will be the motivation to change their lives.

In this interview, the encounter with alcohol takes place in a disco, at the age of 14, to have courage with girls and feel free. With time, it becomes an addiction, a 'haunting ghost' to escape from, thanks to the help of an uncle.